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Handman Tools



Bed / Fireplace Wagon- Peter Pan

 Collapsible bed attached to wagon base with dual sided flat.

Full fabricated fireplace attached to dual sided flat wagon 

Baby Grand Piano Shell- Cyrano


Shell of baby grand piano fabricated to withstand the weight of three actors. Electric keyboard powered by power bank for mobility 

IMG_9687 (1).jpg

Wendy's House- Peter Pan

Three piece house that can be easily constructed on stage. Made from lightweight material, hand carved acorn topper.

Tulip Water Fountain 

Water Fountain Constructed in three pieces for easy moving. Tulips carved top tear to fit in with Holland town square design.

mermaid chair.jpg

King Triton Throne 

Throne for King Triton in The Little Mermaid . upholstered dolphin armrest and hand cut triton back

Japanese Throne

Japanese throne designed with Japanese influences and motifs. Carved upholstered seat cushion. Torri inspired trim. Finished with wood dye and wood burning to protect wood. 

japanese chair.jpg
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